CaltechTHESISCitation Ki, Haseo (1995) Topics in descriptive set theory related to number theory and analysis. /CaltechETD:etd-10112007-111738AbstractBased on the point of view of descriptive set theory, we have investigated several definable sets from number theory and analysis. In Chapter 1 we solve two problems due to Kechris about sets arising in number theory, provide an example of a somewhat natural D2 3 set, and exhibit an exact relationship between the Borel class of a nonempty subset X of the unit interval and the class of subsets of N whose densities lie in X.

In Chapter 2 we study the A, S, T and U-sets from Mahler's classification of complex numbers. We are able to prove that U and T are 3-complete and 3-complete set.

In Chapter 3 we solve a question due to Kechris about UCF, the set of all continuous functions, on the unit circle, with Fourier series uniformly convergent. We further show that any 3 set, which contains UCF, must contain a continuous function with Fourier series divergent.

In Chapter 4 we use techniques from number theory and the theory of Borel equivalence relations to provide a class of complete 11 sets. Finally, in Chapter 5, we solve a problem due to Ajtai and Kechris.

For each differentiable function f on the unit circle, the Kechris-Woodin rank measures the failure of continuity of the derivative function f', while the Zalcwasser rank measures how close the Fourier series of f is to being a uniformly convergent series.

We show that the Kechris-Woodin rank is finer than the Zalcwasser rank By or derived from our set of axioms. Many have worked and laid the foundations of set theory. Georg Cantor's ideas about infinity were radical in his time, but .