The 99 Best Economics ResourcesExtended Essay (EE)Gapminder is a great source for statistics and videos explaining the state of the world.

Highly recommendedThe Economist - Arguably the most influential and important publication in the worldAsian Development Bank - Economics and statistics resources of the multilateral, Asian-oriented development finance institution that promotes economic and social progressBank of England - The website of the Bank of England, the UK’s Central BankCIA World Factbook - An online resource on the history, people, government, and economies of every country in the world Each semester can be downloaded from MyMason/Organizations/Economics. Find best economics dissertation Help with related free samples online for .

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean - The UN’s Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. Federal Reserve - The website of the US Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United StatesGoldman Sachs’ Global Economic Outlook - Global economic research put out by one of the leading investment banks, Goldman SachsInternational Monetary Fund - The website of the International Monetary Fund - the “central banker’s central bank”World Bank - The website of the world bank, the world’s pre-eminent (and often controversial) development bankWorld Trade Organization - The World Trade Organization’s website, containing a wealth of economics research and informationUseful Links and Videos by TopicMicroeconomicsVideo - An explanation of the Production Possiblity Curve (aka the Production Possibility Frontier). From (Bryn Jones) Video - Watch a quick clip on oil scarcityFlash - An interactive lesson on types of economies.

(Watch out though, they've done the spectrum diagram backwards to the way we do it).

(From ) Video - A documentary on the financial crisis (From PBS) 6 Mar 2016 - For example, here is a site at Stanford that describes access to all dissertations Moreover, in economics, the good papers from a dissertation usually get later .

This isn't something we have time to really go into during class.

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Markets (Supply, Demand and Price Controls)A video on Supply and Demand, hereA supply and demand review lesson, here. Flash - An interactive extension activity on demand.

(From ) Flash - An interactive extension activity on supply. (From ) Video - Case study of the demand for oil increasing in China.

Fairly in depth, but good if you have a few minutes.

Land economy (by thesis) — department of land economy

(From Bryn Jones) Video - An explanation of cross price elasticity of demand (aka cross elasticity of demand, or XED) 30 Nov 2015 - The websites in this index are selected by librarians, teachers, and educational Dogpile:Find the best of all the major search engines with Dogpile, an Research Papers in Economics:Find research in economics and .

(From Phil Holden) Text - Some good examples of elasticities (scroll down a bit) and an overview of elasticity in general.

Theory of the FirmVideo - An explanation of cost curves. (Phil Holden) Flash - a quick overview of market types.

Video - An explanation of monopolistic competition. A video that is a bit on the dull and slowside, but it's a good review (or preview of the LRAC curve). Market FailureMeasuring National IncomeVideo - Joseph Stiglitz explaining the limits of GDP as a measure for economic achievement.

It's interesting to think about how we measure economic success (i.

e very often simply as GDP growth) considerably influences us You don't want the nineteenth best paper of the year on a hot topic. statistical significance, do we also have “economic significance” – i.e. are the magnitudes..

Video - A video on the circular flow of income (from Paj Holden, on YouTube) We'll cover this in class, but if you're keen to get ahead, or would like to review, this is a good one. Application - Have some fun with this tool from Gapminder.

See what you can learn about all the different indicators and how country's have developed over timeIntroduction to DevelopmentMacroeconomic ModelsVideo- Here is a video we use in class, on the 5 essential diagrams for AS and AD. Demand-Side and Supply-Side PoliciesFlash Game - A monetary policy game where you use interest rates as a tool for controlling inflation. --Look, I'm an Economics teacher, this is what excites me! :-) Video - A review of fiscal policy and the multiplier effect (from Paj Holden, on YouTube), incase you'd like to review this.

Video - A news program discussing how Australia is the first G20 country to raise interest rates following the recession 14 Sep 2016 - We've tried to find the best dissertation database for you. ProQuest The site's navigation is very convenient and allows you to narrow down your search and save time. Ph.D. theses from the London School of Economics..

(From PBS) Video - A discussion of the current American fiscal deficit 13 Jun 2018 - Economics: Theses & Dissertations This is just a selection of sources - go to the Bodleian Libraries' Theses webpage to find A personal registration is necessary to be able to download full text theses from this website..

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Unemployment and InflationFlash - An interactive graph, showing the differences in how different groups have been effected by the recession.

(From the New York Times) Flash/Audio - A very good history of US government responses to recessions since the 1960s. Listen to the audio clips for each section, to hear how the government tried to balance inflation, fiscal responsibility and unemployment.

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